The Augmented Traveler was one of 30 projects selected from 180 applications to take part in the 2017 Startup Day sponsored by the University of Bologna. It was the University’s third annual Startup Day, which is a pitch competition organized to introduce promising start-ups to investors, potential corporate partners and young people looking for opportunities in the start-up world.

Francesco dell’Oglio, our company’s Partnership Manager in Italy, gave presentations throughout the day to more than a hundred persons who attended the Augmented Traveler exhibit space at Palazzo Re Enzo in Piazza Maggiore in downtown Bologna. Included in his presentation was a video demonstration he produced that shows how the company uses Augmented Reality for cultural storytelling with full-sized characters.

Students, investors and industry representatives watch Augmented Traveler demonstrations by Francesco dell’Oglio (green shirt) at University of Bologna Startup Day at Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna, Italy.